Monday, July 30, 2012

Bento: Rabbit In The Garden

My first bento box was very, very much planned on the fly, mostly using ingredients I had kicking around in the fridge. (I asked my husband to make a quick run to the store for the grape tomatoes, olives, olive oil, and lemon juice). It was based around a desire to cook this recipe for Garden Pasta Salad as a relatively easy supper. The pasta salad proved less than photogenic, but rest assured it was delicious. :p

Centered on the "Garden" theme, I created a little "garden" of baby carrots, grape tomatoes and steamed brussel sprouts growing on a bed of iceberg lettuce. The rabbit visiting the garden is made of a single small (about 4 ounces) boneless, skinless chicken breast, a carrot, some mustard and a couple sprigs of tarragon for the whiskers.

To bake the chicken, I simply sprinkled on some spices, wrapped it in foil and put it in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. I used a combination of the spices below, but you can use whatever you want:

Smokehouse Maple is my favourite.

All in all, I think it came out very nicely well-rounded. Low-cal, plenty of vegetables, flavourful, and carbs and fats were not ignored.

The Calories:
1/2 cup pasta salad- 103 calories
4 ounce boneless skinless chicken breast, baked- 130 calories
4 baby carrots- 16 calories
4 Brussel Sprouts- 32 calories
3 Grape Tomatoes- 12 calories
Iceberg Lettuce (estimated 1 cup)- 32 calories

Total: 325 calories

Too few calories for my taste... but to be honest, I was expecting the chicken breast to add a few more calories than it did. I'll make up for it by having extra pasta salad. :9

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(Calories calculated using the MyPlate feature at )

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