Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bento: Bunny Egg Bento

The bunny ate my tomatoes...
I was pretty proud of this one. I put a little bit of time into it and it looks great. I used leftover pasta from our dinner and as a result it came out a bit calorie-laden, but I don't mind. ;) For the bunny, I peeled an egg, cut a bit of the bottom off of it and then cut that in half to make ears, then cut a slit near the tapered edge of the egg and tucked the pieces I cut off of the bottom into it. The eyes are nori and the nose is fat-free deli ham.

Calories:(Edited for incorrect calorie count. the pasta adds TONS of calories!)

Pasta, 4 oz- roughly 474 calories
1 Egg- 71 calories
Broccoli- 11 calories
Cherry Tomatoes x 6- 24 calories
Strawberry candy x3- 60 calories

Total: 640 calories

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