Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Supplies, and a bento!

Okay, so the "update three times a week" thing needs to be tweaked a bit. ;) I just seem to be so busy lately! If I'm not working, I'm out and about. I've decided that two times a week may be more my speed. We'll see how that goes.

One of the reasons I didn't update on Sunday as planned was because we were busy making D&D characters for my husband's birthday game. He wanted to do a grand melee (big old fight to the death) on Sunday, but we all took so long crafting our characters that I had to go to bed because I worked early in the morning and we didn't really get going until Monday. Plus I'm not a D&D player, so I needed help with pretty much everything, lol. The game didn't quite turn out as planned (too much gold to buy magic items, high-level characters and little restrictions=chaos!) but we had a decent amount of fun.

I said last week that I'd been busy making my husband a birthday gift, and that I'd post it here. Well, here it is: A SD (Super Deformed) RX-78-2 made out of Fun Fusion beads. The sprite is from a Gameboy game called Super Robot Pinball.

Gundam makes for some adorable SD.

He loves it, yay! :D I'm going to be doing some Megaman characters for him once I can get more beads.

Other than that, awhile back I'd ordered some new bento supplies from JList. They arrived yesterday! I was so excited, I took pictures of each item to post up here. Please excuse my pictures, I'm trying to fit eveything onto a little piece of cloth, lol... our table and countertops are so old and scratched.

My new bento box! Bear, Rabbit and Flower sandwich cutters, and egg shapers.

Vehicle sauce bottles, pretty food picks and face food picks.

And my Microwave Taiyaki maker! Thank you, JList!
First off, I LOVE my new bento box. But I'm planning a review, so I'll save the details until then. :D

When I got my stuff, I was super excited and I had to try all of it at once. So, I made a bento!

Looks good... and tasted good too!

The calorie count on this is probably going to be more than I aim for... but who cares? Look at it! :p

I'm planning a review of the Taiyaki maker as well, and showing how to use it for those who might be interested.

No calorie count for this box right now- I'm getting this post out before work, and I've run out of time. I might edit it in later. ;) See you Sunday!

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  1. Nice post! I am looking forward to your review of the Taiyaki maker.