Thursday, August 23, 2012

(Peanut)butterfly Bento

Apologies for missing the past couple of updates, it's been boiling hot out this week and we have no air conditioning so my husband and I have spent a lot of time out of the house and eating leftover takeout. :p I made a bento for lunch today, however.

I used egg whites for the stir fry, and it turned out pretty good. The cherry tomatoes have been turned into flowers made out of processed swiss cheese, and sugar snap peas fill the gaps and serve as a body for my peanut butterfly sandwich. Nummy nummy!


Stir fry: 103
1/2 slice processed swiss cheese:30
5 cherry tomatoes: 20
 sandwich: 220
Sugar snap peas: 8

Total: 381

1 comment:

  1. Very nice! I love the use of the sugar snap pea for the butterfly body. Great idea!