Thursday, August 2, 2012

Today's Bento/Bento Supplies Done Fast, Easy and Cheap

Today I went to the Dollar Giant and I managed to snag a decent selection of items that could be used for bento:

From top left: Strawberry candies with a pretty shiny wrapper, cupcake papers with matching picks, little plastic swords, toothpicks, small square containers, and coloured food picks.
All of this fantastic stuff came to about $7.50 . They also had clear food storage containers with click-lock lids and I would have picked one up but the seal on them didn't look very good. Still, if you're just starting out and just need a box, it would probably be really useful. I would have picked one up if I didn't already have a good container... I have a clear 800 ML Starfrit Lock & Lock container that I use (it's this one), and I think it's perfect for everyday use.

This is what my lunch bento looked like today. The picture was taken as I was running out the door for work... so, yeah. :p

Food pick overload!
I kinda did this all last minute- As I get better at this, I'm hoping there will be a bit more planning happening. :p I wanted a theme, so I randomly chose hearts. The rice has a white heart pattern in it, which is partially covered by a lettuce leaf, LOL. Then there are the food picks, which partially block my cherries. Can you tell I liked the food picks? But I think I did a slightly better job with the lettuce today. Leaf lettuce looks so much better than Iceberg when it comes to bentos.

Calorie breakdown:

Sockeye Salmon steak, 4 ounces: 165 cal
Cherry tomatoes x 8: 32 cal
Broccoli: 8 cal
Cherries x 6: 26 cal
Rice, 1/2 cup: 113 cal

Total: 344 calories

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