Sunday, September 9, 2012

Summer Blossom Bento

Apologies for the way I've been posting lately. I'm usually really tired after work, but today was my day off and I was going to write a fabulous bento post, then spend the rest of the day preparing for my next bento post and reading blogs... instead, I got distracted by The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim's new downloadable content, Hearthfire. Long story short, I used my day off to play video games instead of writing this post. :p

Anyway! This is my attempt to hold on to summer for just a liiiiittle bit longer... my Summer Blossom Bento.

Pretend the bullet train sauce bottle is a flower.
The cucumbers' centers have been punched out and placed in a separate section, and the centers of the cucumber slices have been filled in with plum. The little sandwiches were punched using my new sandwich cutter, and the last compartment is filled with sticky rice.

Unfortunately I've misplaced (or someone borrowed) the notepad I've got the calorie count for this box written down in, so that will have to wait. :/ See you Thursday!

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