Sunday, September 22, 2013

Finally, a post! Fall Colours Bento


It's been a  very busy month for my small family. We moved to a new home in a different area of the city, and we've been loving it so far! I've been busy settling into a new routine for baby, as well as buying little odds and ends we need for the place and getting to know the wonderful new neighbourhood we've moved into. I haven't had much chance to make Bentos, but I went shopping at the local Farmer's Market and found that they had some very colourful produce on sale. I had to bring it home and see what I could do with it.

(sorry about the photo quality. I was unprepared to blog my finds... also, these are last week's groceries, hence the steak.)
 Last week, I picked up some Zebra Tomatoes, Purple Heirloom Potatoes and a bunch of colourful carrots, and they were delicious and made their way into many dishes. This week I picked up some Sun Sugar Tomatoes and since I still had produce left over from the week before, I decided a colourful fall Bento was in order.

In the top tier, red leaves made of Red Pepper fall on a bed of purple and orange Carrot flowers. Sliced Heirloom Potatoes sit in the compartment beside the carrots, the potatoes were fried in a little bit of Olive Oil and then lightly salt and peppered. Rice and Tomatoes fill the bottom compartment (the leaves were cake toppers at one point... now they're rice toppers).

FYI- it was delicious. :D I also ate an egg, which isn't pictured. If you're wondering... the purple Heirloom Potatoes don't taste any different from regular Potatoes, and neither do the purple Carrots. Zebra Tomatoes have a bit of a thicker skin to them than regular Cherry Tomatoes and are a bit less sweet while the Sun Sugar Tomatoes are as sweet, if not sweeter than regular Cherry Tomatoes.

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