Alberta Bento Supply Sources

This page will be an Alberta-centric (and for the time being, Edmonton-centric) list of brick-and-mortar places to buy supplies that could be used for bento. Want to help make it Canada-wide? If you see any stores selling supplies, send me a message or comment on my blog and I'll add it to the list. :)


Dollar Giant- food picks, silicone and paper cupcake liners, plastic containers (both lunchbox sized and container sized), decorative wrap, candy

T&T Supermarket- sushi rice, candy, containers, bento boxes, basic onigiri shapers, rice cookers, sushi supplies

Safeway- Sandwich cutters (found dinosaur, butterfly, train-shaped cutters), sushi rice, food containers, silicone and paper cupcake liners, candy

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  1. Calgary, AB: T&T supermarket, Pacific Place: sushi rice, mini dessert cups, 3-in-1 coffee, green tea, Japanese plain bread for Sando

    Co-op supermarkets: in the more affluent areas of the city, they're going upscale, and the deli/international foods selections are becoming quite awesome.

    Richmond, BC: Daiso (Aberdeen Centre): bento boxes, picks, cups, baran, cloths, bags - only a quick ride on the Skytrain if you're ever at YTR on a stopover!

    Richmond/Vancouver, BC: Yaohan Centre, including the most awesome T&T supermarket: bento boxes and accessories (including all kinds of chopsticks), and practically any food that you'd ever want to place into a bento, including coffee jelly (unavailable at the Calgary T&T). Also the best Asian deli/hot counter with steam buns, sushi, bahn mi etc, including vegetarian/vegan options.